Friday, 8 December 2017

Gientst by Hudson

This is Gientst the most popular ghost in town most popular for his secret magic carpet which can turn into everything and his potions. That’s what gave him his afro. That is really iconic. He is crazy alright well hopefully he survives. This is the story of Gientst.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Spike Hair by John Paul

My creature is called Spike Hair. He likes to eat animals bigger than him and has wings to find food.when he is hungry. Spike Hair lives in caves and Spike Hair can turn camouflage when he is sleeping so he doesn't get eaten while he is sleeping. Spike Hair has two heads,a goldish tongue,yellow stripes and red eyes. I think he is cool because he can fly.

White Tiger by Hayley

White Tiger loves to eat other animals and birds. White Tiger lives in Snow World. White Tiger smells like strawberries. She takes a bath everyday. White Tiger has naps in the afternoon because she is tired from walking. White Tiger eats in the morning. White Tiger goes for a run in the middle of the day

Disco Face by Lachlan

Disco Face has a sparkly face and horns. He has pretzels as eyes. Disco Face is scared of the dark because he is always in the light. Disco Face is really funny as he has pretzel eyes. Disco Face lives in England and he eats pretzels because he is used to eating pretzels. He also lives in England because people love dancing.

Stripey Sea Snake by Milan

This poisonous snake is very poisonous because he has lots of stripes. He has red eyes because he is poisonous. My snake bites people who ignore him and he can jump on them. He likes to eat bugs and animals. He can slither around very fast.

Fairy Kitten by Bella

This is Fairy Kitten.  She has yellow small eyes.  She has a long tail.  She has fairy wings and she can fly very high.  She has yellow fluffy fur.  She wears a grey top hat.  She has a magic wand.  She can do magic with ice.  She can also do rainbow magic.  Fairy Kitten has a little white sister.

Stripe the Gremlin by Fergus

Stripe has big ultimate ears that can hear 50100 m away. Stripe's eyes are awesome they can see twice the times as his ears can hear. His cool body is so so so so cool because it is bulletproof. The scary nails on stripe is scary for some people because there is blood on the nails!

Stripe has a white mohawk because he is the leader.