Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Description Writing - Our Creature Zoo

Mr Lewzey read us the Gruffalo where we learned that the mouse was giving the other animals in the story a description of the Gruffalo.  Here is a video of the story if you have not heard it before:

We decided that we were going to create our own creature zoo where we were able to write some descriptions of creatures that we made up.  We now know that we need the following parts of a description:
  • An introduction to introduce our creature.
  • Characteristics to help describe our creature.
  • Some information that helps us show our thoughts or feelings about our creature.
Here are our descriptions - we were able to refine these by reading them to others and checking to see if it made sense to our buddies.

We then got to create an picture of our creature to help show our readers what our descriptions could look like if they were to meet them.  Please come into the hub and see our creature zoo if you get a chance!


  1. Wow, great work guys! I love the imaginative descrptions of the creatures, I could picture them as I was reading! I can't wait to see the pictures you have drawn in the hub :)

  2. The Gruffalo is such a good story to get the children to think differently and creatively about what a different creature could look like. I loved the way they pushed the ideas further and further beyond the known. A great culmination to developing more descriptive writing. Well done team!!

  3. Fantastic descriptions- well done! Love the names you picked for your creatures.

  4. I really enjoyed the descriptive words which you used to bring your characters to life. I especially like the scary creatures with big teeth and sharp claws. You could use the Ipad app Aurasma to create some cool interactive posters with your published writing.

  5. Well done guys! Great descriptions of your creatures. Good effort. Keep it up. Cannot wait for the next story.

  6. Hi my name is Anthea and I think that your creatures are really awesome and cool, I love your words that you put for your creature once again. I hope to see more. Keep up the great work!

  7. Hello my name is Brooklyn
    I go to Hay Park School I really liked all of you photos and videos. Great work!!! I really hope I can see more of your learning so I can comment on them. Keep up the great work.