Thursday, 15 June 2017

Alliteration Superheroes - Part Two!

We decided to explore alliteration in reading this week when Mr Lewzey shared with us this book:

We decided that we wanted to become either super heroes or villains and use some alliteration to help describe our abilities and other information that we wanted to share with you.

Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think about our new identities!


  1. Wananaei! We loved the fantastic description and brilliant imagination. Nice job!

  2. Awesome job everyone, you used great alliterations in describing your superheroes and villains.

  3. kia ora my name is Prisha and Im from hay park school. My class is room 8 and we are a year 4,5,6 class, i really like your made up super hero's in halloween! My brother was a superman zombie and that what reminded me when i look at your amazing work! If you want to vist my blog here it is