Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Trip to the Wetlands

Yesterday we went to the Wetlands as part of the trip we were planning as we investigated different elements of Break Through learning.

We were able to split into groups who were responsible for different parts of our trip.  These groups were:

  • Map makers - responsible for creating maps to help us get to and from the Wetlands
  • Food and water - responsible for educating us about how to keep hydrated while we were on the trip
  • Sun Safety - responsible for educating us for being safe in the sun
  • Tour guides/explorers - these groups helps us build our knowledge of the different parts of the Wetlands
  • Gamesmasters - these groups were responsible for creating activities to keep us entertained and engaged while down at the Wetlands.
We had an excellent time exploring the Wetlands and are keen to go back to explore further parts of the space - it is so close!

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